Excellence is such a subjective term, its meaning guided by one’s own personal
experiences of life.

Annerette is an action-taking dreamer, a woman of
considerable means who sees the world and its luxuries as her playground.

One of life’s eternal students she understands that excellence is a continually
moving target and as such the lessons and learnings on how to embody it
will never cease...

For Annerette excellence is a way of being, a driving force she defines as follows:

Excellence is never content at staying where you are – innovation and reinvention are non-negotiable traits

Excellence is not a set level of quality or perfectionism. It’s an ever-changing dynamic in both our personal journey and the collective journey of our circle of competence

Excellence means greatness – the very best

Excellence is the quality of excelling and being truly the best at something

Excellence is a quality that people instantly appreciate because it is so hard to find

Excellence requires constant hard work which means we are continually getting better


Elegance and decadence

World-class design, unmatched quality, refined elegance and timeless beauty inspired by tradition and modernity…

This captures my understanding and experience of creating desire and luxury.

I believe that design and beauty, molded in style, add to the passion of living.

Inspired by life’s best experiences, I feel that elegance is inherited and decadence is your right.

A model rebellion against all that is bland and unimaginative

Each new creation and design is a multi-sensory journey in shape, detail and style; it is a vision of life.

My team and I strive to be flawless in what we deliver and for a lifestyle blessed with grace and abundance.

I believe that real luxury is confident positioning.

Comfort, luxury and functionality 

Wherever you choose to stay, whether for one night or permanently, you must be steps away from the ultra-conveniences and luxuries in life.

These are not just high street shopping, but endless ocean views, walkways, skylines, parks and marinas.

Luxury is comfort and functionality is key.